Hot Cute and Young Vietnamese Girls Vol 2 (32 photos)

Checkout  Hot Cute and Young Vietnamese Girls .All they pretty,cute and young

Pretty Vietnamese Girls - Ha Anh (11 photos)

Ha Anh look pretty and so beautiful.checkout and enjoy!

Beautiful Vietnamese Girls - Hang Rubi (21 photos)

Famous Vietnamese girl Hang Rubi in "Sunday beauty " Albums ,she looks so Beautiful with  white and Jean short

Ngoc Trinh - Miss Vietnamese 2011 in Violet Dress (12 photos)

22-year-old model Ngoc Trinh has just been crowned Miss Vietnam International 2011 at the Carpenter Performing – Long Beach, California. She also won the two fast-tracks: Best in Swimsuit and Miss Asia. Ngoc Trinh will received the prize of up to 40.000 USD (30.000 as the winner and 5000 each for the fast-track). Ngoc Trinh is 22 year old and stands 1.72. She is a professional model, working for Venus. Ngoc Trinh became a model at the age of 16. She won the Photogenic Prize at the Vietnam Supermodel 2007 contest. In 2007, she was the winner of the Miss Fashion pageant and the best in evening gown title at the Miss Jewelry.

Top 10 Half-Asians sexy ladies 2011

1 - Melanie Iglesias

Melanie Iglesias is a true New Yorker. She was born in Brooklyn and has lived all over New York City. Her ethnicity fits well with the diversity of the city: she is a mix of Filipina, Spanish, Italian, Puerto Rican, and Brazilian.

Super Sexy and Cute (52 photos)

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Amazing Girls I Really Dig (54 Photos)

Amazing Girls I Really Dig.I love all hottest girls in this gallery.checkout and enjoy

I Love Asian Girls (28 Photos)

When I was about 7 years old, I saw the first asian girl in my life. She was lovely, like a little angel, and I fell instantly in love with that girl.I'm 27 now, and I've dated women of all colors and many many countries, but the ones I still think about today have been from Indonesia, Filipines, China ,Korean or Japanese girl.I like the Japanese look with the exaggerated slanting eyes, fair skin and angular face..

Top 10 Giant Natural Boobs 2011

If you love your ladies with some curves, then you'll love this list of 10 giant natural boobs. You won't find any silicone in these ladies; just absolute, natural perfection. A lady with giant natural boobs is more than just a sex symbol, they are a verifiable work of art. Whether she's a model, actress, or pop star, these ladies make this list for two fantastic reasons.

1 - Scarlett Johansson. This all-American blonde bombshell sure knows her way around our "Hottest" lists. It's such a shame that she still refuses to show her glorious giant natural boobs on camera. Ryan Reynolds is sure a lucky man to have those all to himself.

2 - Salma Hayek. This fiery Mexican actress is known for many things, two of which are her giant natural boobs. There has been much speculation about whether or not she's had a boob job, but all we needed is the dance scene from "From Dusk Til Dawn" to prove otherwise. Let's try for some more nude scenes in the future, Ms. Hayek.

3 - Cristina Buccino. This Italian sexpot certainly has some giant natural boobs. She's been featured prominently on Italian TV, such as "All in All" and "Arthur." Let's hope that we're going to be seeing more of her and curves Stateside.

4 - Jessica Simpson. Putting inappropriate comments from her father aside, Simpson certainly has one of the best bodies on this entire list. The former pop-star turned professional girlfriend is known the world over for her curvy figure and giant natural boobs. Though her career has declined as of late, you can't deny that we still love seeing her twins.

5 - Danielle Lloyd. This buxom Brit was the queen of the pageants back in the United Kingdom. She was even crowned Miss Great Britain in 2006, but was later stripped of that title when she posed for "Playboy." While that certainly didn't help her career, we're not complaining at all.

6 - Elly Tran Ha (otherwise known as Elly Kim Hong, 阮金紅), is a pretty Vietnamese model who was born on 08-06-1987. She is an American-borned-Vietnamese, who has recently moved back to Vietnam from the USA. She works as a part-time model while furthering her studies.

7 - Kim Kardashian. When your claims to fame include a leaked sex tape and a slew of reality TV shows, there isn't a lot that you can be good at. Well, except having giant natural boobs and putting them in as little clothing as possible. This is why we're thankful to have Kardashian as a part of our daily lives.

8 - Jennifer Love Hewitt. Though she doesn't populate the headlines like she used to, she still is a fixture within our fantasies thanks to her giant natural boobs. This "Ghost Whisperer" might have put on a few pounds over the past few years, but luckily it all seems to be concentrated on her sweater muffins. Here's to hoping that she finally lets us see them after all these years.

9 - Yoko Matsugane. Like all Japanese gravure models, Matsugane is the subject of a number of provocative photo books and DVDs, in which her curves are shown off in their full glory. Also like all Japanese gravure models, she has some giant natural boobs on her. Though we're probably never going to see her work Stateside, there's always the fact that she's doing stellar in Japan.

10 - Kelly Brook. This glamour model-turned-actress might just have the best body on this list, if not the world. Her slim waist, accented by her 36DD breasts have made her the woman that most British men want to date. Her recent topless appearance in "Piranha 3D" might make that fact true for American men as well.

Hottest No1 Asian Teen 2011 - Yoyo Xu Xiangting

Yoyo Xu Xiangting (徐湘婷) - Taiwan

Name: Yoyo Xu Xiangting (徐湘婷)
Height: 161 cm
About: Busty Yoyo Xu Xiang Ting (徐湘婷), now living in Taiwan, was a graduate from Beijing. She became an Internet sensation and insanely famous when a large set of her pictures stored in her online photo album was hacked and mass circulated all over the net. Apparently, some of the pictures were rather personal whereby she posed nude in front of the camera. After the incident, she decided to shut down her photo album under the username yoyo0903, unfortunately, it was too late. And the lucky guy in the pictures above, that's her boyfriend...Too bad I can't share her personal pictures here, it'll be too hot for you guys to handle anyway! :P

Top 10 Korean Model / Race Queen 2011

Welcome to the Korean model list. It is a well known fact that the Korean models / race queens are very very cute - as you can see from the evidence on the left :)

Vote for your favorite model below, and if I've forgotten anyone then please add them.

Also - don't forget to add a comment and tell us what you think ^^
And the number 1 Korean model is...

1- Hwang Mi Hee (황미희) - the number 1 Korean Race Queen?

October 2011 Calendar Printable

Blank Calendar October 2011 Planner

Blank Calendar October 2011 Planner

Here is a simple Free Blank October 2011 Calendar template with instructions on how to make homemade calendar 2011 at home.

To make this simple October 2011 Calendar, download this Free Blank Calendar 2011 October (Oct 2011) printable template.

Click at the picture for a larger image, put your cursor on the picture and right click your mouse, click "save image as" and save the picture into your computer.

Free Blank Planner October 2011 Calendar to print (2011 Oct)
Click at the picture for a larger image

Top 10 Asian Cleavages

When it comes to dating, many people believe that Caucasian women are the ones with the best cleavage, however they might be surprised to see that Asian women are not as small-chested as many ignorant men would like to believe.  There are many beautiful single Asian ladies that have envy-worthy breasts and they’re not afraid to show them off either.So which Asian ladies have the best cleavage?  Here is my list of busty women from exotic Eastern countries that I think are perfect for taking out on an Asian date.

10 Incredible Facebook Stories

1. The depressed woman who lost benefits over her Facebook beach photos

Nathalie Blanchard, a woman from Quebec on long-term sick leave has stopped receiving monthly benefits after she posted Facebook photos of herself having fun. A year and a half ago the woman was granted leave from her job at IBM in Bromont, because of a depression diagnosis and has been receiving sick-leave benefits every month by The Manulife insurance company.
However, the pictures posted on the networking site showed her frolicking on a beach, having fun at a Chippendales show and enjoying her birthday party made her look rather happy. So, the insurance company assumed she was no longer depressed and stopped paying the benefits.
The woman said that she informed Manulife about the trip and that the pictures are not a proof that her overall mood had improved. Bad luck Nathalie… I hope your depression doesn't get worse now!

Problems that we face everyday

In life we all faces every time or everyday some problems and sometimes problem make us sad and become worried like a tearing person. Here i come to share with you peoples the most prominent everyday problems that we all faces in our life. So get ready to see the thought provoking photos of problems that we face everyday.

August 2011 celebrity quotes

August 2011 celebrity quotes. A country-music concert turned tragic. A "miracle" congresswoman went back to work. One oppressive regime came close to toppling as another was remembered 50 years later. These were just a few of the events that made headlines in August. Let's look at the month's most quotable lines.

Another 9 Yahoo Answers Fails

Because you asked for more...


10 Craziest TV Shows

1. Who Wants To Marry A U.S. Citizen? (2007)

 "Who Wants to Marry a U.S. Citizen?" was a show devised by Morusa Media in California in 2007, which by the end of that year had already come up with the first pool of contestants and a host signed up. The idea? A lucky, single American woman goes on dates with three handsome but illegal immigrants and at the end picks one with which to spend the rest of her life. Sounds like a fun way to get a green card but the producers made no promises that a marriage would occur or lead to U.S. citizenship. The host, Angelo Gonzales argued: 'There are thousands of US citizens seeking a spouse, and just as many immigrants seeking the same. So we want to make it a win-win situation for all involved'. Oh, well.

11 Crazy Google Search Suggestions

Google's Autocomplete service provides a list of possible suggestions from previous searches when you start typing words into the search box.

15 Funny Street and Roads Names

Psycho Path (Traverse City, Michigan, USA). 

Fantastic Way

There is tons of photo collections out there with interesting photos taken at the right moment, but this collection is new and fresh. Enjoy!!!!

Amazing Epic Fails Photos

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Funny Sign Fails

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The Naughty Kids

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Cute Vespa Inspired Sculptures

Very creative and cute sculptures inspired by Vespa are made by Australian artist Patricia Piccinini. She created very cool sculptures by molding with an automotive modeler using ABS plastic, leather, stainless steel, and rubber tires and paint to shape different animals.
Designer: Patricia Piccinini