Not What Seems To Be - Optical Illusions - part 1

Concentrate on the small black dot in the middle. 
Now start to swing your head back and forth. 
Now get a guittar and start rocking and rolling.

Not What Seems To Be - part 2

Amazing Animals

Black Baby With Blue Eyes

According to science when we are being designed there are two groups of genes that compete for the position of lead actor: the dominant and dominated. Right. The dominant is normally the one that expresses itself and the dominated is the one that stays asleep. For example, if there are two options for eye color: green and brown; if green is dominant then the person will have green eyes.

For each community usually a gene is dominant then we have the so-called races,which have a free feature that can be seen more. In the midst of this community anomalies may occur where members skip the padron, normally because of mutations. Such as this baby, for example:

Amazing life creating beautiful combinations. See this Black Girl With Blue Eyes. For more science stuff follow the blog on facebook.