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Beautiful Vietnamese Girls Part 4

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World Worst Celebrities Wax Figures

In today fast forwarding world we always like to follow our inspired and charismatic personalities which just like the monumental role models of our lifes but we forget always sometime that they are also humans so get ready to see the collection of the world famous celebrities wax figures failures which not only disappoint to the celebrities him or her self but also more pessimistic the followers or the fans around the world. I dont know how they approve there these damn worst wax because its really a true shit suck which not even compatible with the looks of these celebrities. Lets see the exclusive collection of world worst celebrities wax figures.

Hot Viet teen Girls Joanna Lam In Vung Tau Vietnam Beach

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Ngoc Trinh Bikini - Miss Vietnam International

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Ngoc Trinh Vietnamese model crowned Miss Vietnam International

Ngoc Trinh, a 21-year-old model from Vietnam, defeated 35 contestants to become the first Miss Vietnam International in the final night in Orange County, California, USA on August 13.

Ngoc Trinh’s victory is said to be a surprise, because though she has ideal outward aspect (1.71m, 85-58-91), Ngoc Trinh is considered to have poor conducts owing to an interview she made before attending the pageant.

Weary of beauty queens

The number of girls who are called “beauty queens” has soared in Vietnam in recent years. Some joke that Vietnam is now in disorder of beauties and they can see a beauty queen whenever they leave their houses.

In recent time, numerous beauty contests, both national and international, have been held in Vietnam. Vietnamese girls also participate in overseas pageants held by the community of overseas Vietnamese or international pageants. As a result, the number of girls who are honored as “beauty queens” is incalculable.

VietNamNet would like to list some beauty contests for Vietnamese girls.

Miss Vietnam 2010 Ngoc Han

Vietnamese Hot Teen Model-Diem My 9x

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Hottest Singapore Model Naomi Liu

Hello, I'm NAOMI. I've been doing events and photoshoots for a year plus. I did carshows, private events, magazine shoots like " Hotstuff, Fhm gnd top 10, Playeur, Import rides "
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26 years old Singapore
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Perfection Model Picture Gallery

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Hottest Model Crossland Photography Albums

Crossland 38,  self taught, and motivated photographer who gets inspiraton from those around me. My style is very random and very unpredictable to what will be shot on the day. I am very casual but know what I want and what quality I am after. I am after models who are also willing to look past the normal and push the borders to create that look.....

      At the end of the day, if I get one great shot, I am happy.  I am very particular about geting everything right and making sure the model is comfortable and having a great time.....

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Crossland Photography

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Wacky Faces of all times

Here is a  small collection of wacky faces.Hope you like them.Check out more after the jump and leave your comments :)

Cool Creatures; funny as-well

Click Me to see me Dancing

Hope you like these funny animals.Leave your valuable comments :)

Sports Pictures taken at the Right moment

Sports Pictures taken at the Right moment
 Beautiful pictures taken by right moments of sports.During playing we see emotions,fun,sorrows and much more...

Evolution of Robots in the Movie

Long before the Autobot and Deceticon begin of their war and long before the Transformers robots so popular as now, it has long once the robots begin to invade the big screen and become a story that was worth waiting for. Here is the evolution of the robots on screen films become as sophisticated as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee

R-U-R from R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots) (1923)

12 Weirdest How-To Books

In How To Survive a Robot Uprising: Tips on Defending Yourself Against the Coming Rebellion, Daniel Wilson, a Ph.D. candidate at the Robotics Institute of Carnegie Mellon University, reminds readers that "any machine could rebel, from a toaster to a Terminator," and though the shapes our future robot enemies may take are manifold, they each have exploitable weaknesses that, fortuitously, match our natural human strengths. Options for fighting back are plentiful, though not everyone will be relieved to learn the standard kitchen microwave can be retrofitted into a radiation gun that can destroy electronics and "cook human flesh."
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Freckles Girls

Freckles is all about small dark spots on the skin, light-and dark-yellow color (ash), mainly on the face, hands, and sometimes even on the trunk. Are due to the deposition in the skin of a special dye. They usually appear in children 5-6 years of age, and after 30 years, their number decreases in winter fade with the onset of summer dark. Freckles occur primarily in red-haired and fair-haired. Inherited. The color of freckles (melanin color in them) can vary from light tan to dark brown, depending on the impact of the sun and heat. Sunlight can not only make freckles darker, but also provoke the generation of an new melanin, resulting in the formation of new spots. Many women and girls in the spring when the first sun rays heating faced with the appearance of freckles. Some rejoice in freckles girls, but there are many girls who are very upset to their appearance. However, do not take on, of freckles is quite easy to get rid of freckles to the few people spoil. A small number of freckles (even the name is cute) give a person a certain charm, flavor, appealing originality.

Amazing Unique Cabinets

Amazing Unique Cabinets

Necklaces from Barbie

Necklaces from Barbie
I think Barbie dolls knows and remembers everything.But in this form, I see these dolls for the first time.Designer Margaux Lange presented a wonderful necklaces and jewelry pieces from the famous dolls.

Vietnamese model crowned Miss Vietnam International

Ngoc Trinh, a 21-year-old model from Vietnam, defeated 35 contestants to become the first Miss Vietnam International in the final night in Orange County, California, USA on August 13.

Ngoc Trinh’s victory is said to be a surprise, because though she has ideal outward aspect (1.71m, 85-58-91), Ngoc Trinh is considered to have poor conducts owing to an interview she made before attending the pageant.

Pe Tin in Ao Dai pictures

Pe Tin is a pretty Vietnamese girl.Now she is living in america.Enjoy these pictures of Pe Tin in Ao Dai pictures.

Pe Tin in Ao Dai picturesPe Tin in Ao Dai pictures

Tianna Ta-Sexy Vietnamese model pictures

Vietnamese model Tianna Ta is definitely one of the sexiest models on the planet.She grew up in Massachusetts and started modeling at a young age with commercials and TV spots, until finally making her way up to Maxim where she gained instant notoriety.

Tianna Ta modelTianna Ta model

Van Navi-Vietnamese teen girl pictures

Van Navi is a hot and sexy Vietnamese teen girl.Enjoy these pictures of Van Navi.

Van Navi

Thu Thuy-Vietnamese singer pictures

Thu Thuy is a sexy and hot Vietnamese singer.She is very beautiful and her voice is incredible.

singer Thu Thuysinger Thu Thuy

Thu Hang-Hot Vietnamese model photos

Thu Hang is a hot Vietnamese model.Thu Hang in sexy bikini show her standard body of a supermodel.Enjoy the sexy photos of Thu Hang.

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Sexy Vietnamese model Trang Nhung gallery

Trang Nhung is a sexy Vietnamese model.She was the second runner-up of Miss Photogenic Vietnam 2005.Here are pictures gallery of Trang Nhung in black,enjoy!

Vietnamese model Trang Nhung

Miss Vietnam Huong Giang new sexy photos collection

Recently Miss Vietnam Huong Giang make model for Winny fashion magazine.Here are the sexy photos,enjoy it!

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