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Most Attractive Film Aliens

Popular culture and UFO enthusiasts have generally led us to believe that space aliens are wan creatures with massive coke-bottle eyes. But in the movies, there are numerous examples of aliens that looks like, well, movie stars. The latest example is Alex Pettyfer, who is the "I" in this weekend's "I Am Number Four." We've put together a gallery of some other extra attractive extraterrestrials. Check it out.

Sports Chain Reaction

Sports Chain Reaction

Creative anti-smoking campaigns

wonderful funny collection by the sharp eye of camera

 wonderful funny collection by the sharp eye of camera

Bill Gates House Interesting Facts

Here is some much more interesting information about Bill Gates House.

Funny and cute babies

We have listed here some funny and cute baby pics, worth a look  .

Super Car Crashes

We all know that cars crash during Races and contests , But have you seen them crashed on roads ?
here are some interesting pics that will show crashed super cars.

Mi Van-Hot Vietnamese girl pictures

Mi Van is a hot and sexy Vietnamese girl.Enjoy the pictures of Mi Van.

Mi Van hot girlMi Van hot girl

Pe Tin - very hot and sexy Vietnamese girl.

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Sexy Vietnamese girl photos Danly Le

A sexy Vietnamese girl lying on bed pictures.

Sexy Vietnamese girl photosSexy Vietnamese girl photosSexy Vietnamese girl photosSexy Vietnamese girl photos

Vietnamese singer Ho Ngoc Ha picture

Vietnamese singer Ho Ngoc Ha confirms that she is pregnant and she will be absent from the stage for a while.Ho Ngoc Ha doesnot reveal the name of her child’s father.

Here are pictures of Vietnamese singer Ho Ngoc Ha pregnant:

Ho Ngoc Ha picture

Charming Wallpapers

A Collation of Amazing wallpapers

Celebrities With Their Favorite Poses

Here is a nice selection of celebrities posing in their favorite poses. Maybe they think that they look better this way or it's just a matter of habit.


Impossible but Cover Up

In my opinion, it is impossible not to admire! 

Cool Collection Of New Optical Illusion Art

A Tasty Life

I hope you've had lunch?

Catarina in red Bikini

Girls Go to Fishing-1

Worlds most Beautiful Contortionists-1

I have a strange curiosity when it comes to contortionists. On the one hand, I have to think that children forced into this type of life are being tortured. Of course, I have no basis for this, only hearsay, but it is hard to ignore the fact that children must be bent in the most painful ways to maintain their flexibility into their adult years.

Wonderful Architecture of Libraries

2011 Popular World Bridges

1. Millau Bridge (Tarn Valley, France)

Back to the future, as it was and how it became.


Fancy Dog

10 Most Incredible Monster Trucks In The World

The crazy world of monster trucks – those strange vehicles featuring large wheels and suspension systems placed underneath traditional pick-up bodies - is sometimes referred to as a mechanized version of professional wrestling. Certainly the two forms of all-American entertainment inspire larger-than-life personalities, superhero style names and are both wildly popular. Add to that the power rock chords and manic sounding commentary that resonate at races and car crushing events and it’s easy to see why the comparison is drawn. Monster truck fans dislike this image, however, and want to see it treated as a credible sport. For now, though, let’s take a look at the 10 most incredible monster trucks on earth.

10. Jesus the Monster Truck
Jesus the Monster Truck

Stunning photos

Stunning photos with light effect.