Psycho Path (Traverse City, Michigan, USA). 
Residents of 'Butt Hole Road' club together to change the street's unfortunate name. The constant jokes were just too much to take for the long-suffering residents of Butt Hole Road, a street named after a communal water butt that was originally in the area. So despairing households in the suburban street in Conisbrough, South Yorkshire, decided that the road's name simply had to change. The road was renamed Archers Way to refer to a medieval castle that is just half a mile away.
 Divorce Court (located in Heather Highlands, Pennsylvania). 
 Turnersville, New Jersey. (Link)
In Riverside, California, Wong Way has been renamed Wong Street. The road is named after George Wong, the last resident of Riverside's former Chinatown. Some locals felt insulted.
The folk in Inveraray seem to have high hopes for the street, otherwise known as Main Street North. (Link)
AAAA Road in Howard Springs, Australia. (Link)
I don't know which one is more bizarre: Camel Toe or Show Your Tits (Link)
 Now, that's a funny street name! (Link)
 Very tasteful. (Link)
What's so funny about it? LOL (Link)
 Cockburn Street in Edinburgh. (Link)
 I hope I will never have to spell it. (Link)
 Hah? You live where? (Link)
Sequim, WA