Welcome to the Korean model list. It is a well known fact that the Korean models / race queens are very very cute - as you can see from the evidence on the left :)

Vote for your favorite model below, and if I've forgotten anyone then please add them.

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And the number 1 Korean model is...

1- Hwang Mi Hee (황미희) - the number 1 Korean Race Queen?

Hwang Mi Hee is maybe the most famous Korean Race Queen. She's definitely one of the cutest and sexiest out there.

She was discovered in the Seoul Meteor Shower in 2007 - luckily for us!!

2- Seo You Jin (서유진) - Korean Model / Race Queen

Seo You Jin was my all time favorite in terms of cuteness, I say was since she retired already...! :(

Unfortunately there's not much information about her around, if anyone knows something leave a comment please! Luckily however she did leave some very cute photo galleries behind ^^

3- Lee Ji Woo - a Korean beauty

Another one of my favorite Korean models (yes, I'm also starting to think I have too many "favorites"). I don't know how Korean girls do it, but they've got that combination of sexy and cute down perfectly.

4-Song Jina (송지나) - Korean Model, Actress, Race Queen

Song Jina is another Korean beauty. She's a model, race queen and an actress. If anyone knows in what she's acted, please leave me a comment at the bottom - thanks :)

5- Im Ji Hee (Lim Ji Hye)-Korean race queen and sexy model.

Im Ji Hye is Korean race queen and sexy model. Im Ji Hye was first spotted at the 2007 Seoul Motor Show. Im Ji Hye Born in Year 1986 Feb 14. | Figure of 37-32-37t | Im Ji Hye is a korean sexy model, famous for her role as show car sexy SPG

6-Im Soo Yeon (임수연) - amazing Korean model

Im Soo Yeon is a Korean model well known for her beautiful long legs.

Apart from knowing she looks great on camera, there's not much information about her. If anyone has any then please leave a comment at the bottom.

7-Kim Ha Yul (김하율) - Korean Model / Race Queen

Everyone say hello to the lovely Kim Ha Yul - another goddess in bunny ears ^^

8- Gu Ji Sung (민서희) - Korean Model / Race Queen

Reader, meet Gu Ji Sung - another sexy / cute Korean model :D

9-Ryu Ji Hye (류지혜) - Cute Korean Model / Race Queen 

Ryu Ji Hye is known for her uber cuteness. She also apparently has a western physique, something which only 1% of Koreans have. Ryu Ji Hye also recently won the 2010 Racing Model Popularity Award, congratz!

10-Park Hyun Sun (박현선) - beautiful Korean model

The beautiful Park Hyun Sun is popular for her great behind (which is rare on Korean models), and as you can see photographers love to take advantage of this fact!

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