When it comes to dating, many people believe that Caucasian women are the ones with the best cleavage, however they might be surprised to see that Asian women are not as small-chested as many ignorant men would like to believe.  There are many beautiful single Asian ladies that have envy-worthy breasts and they’re not afraid to show them off either.So which Asian ladies have the best cleavage?  Here is my list of busty women from exotic Eastern countries that I think are perfect for taking out on an Asian date.

1- Wu Rong
 Wu Rong is a gorgeous Chinese model who has breasts as huge as her cartoon doe eyes.  I bet she is able to promote anything she is pictured with.  It makes me want to get a iPhone now. 

2-Lim Ji Hye
 In Korea, this busty model is more famous than Heidi Klum and with a set of vivacious breasts like this, she should be.
She is currently one of South Korea's hottest racing queens. Her popularity has been slowly increasing ever since she has appeared on the scene. She is most popularly known for her larger than average breasts. It is widely speculated that her breasts are fake. Due to some pictures of her being posted online, South Koreans are now vigorously searching for her pictures online. She has appeared on the cover of Maxim Korea. Not much is known about her, since she is a rising star. However, be sure to look back for more information in the future! 
3-Maureen Chen

 Taiwanese model Maureen Chen. So what if they're fake? I don't mind.

4-Miwa Oshiro
 God bless Japan’s biggest gravure idols/models and actresses ta-tas. Rumor has it that Miwa’s breasts are not real, due to her small figure, but I don’t think so.  Like Teri Hatcher so famously said, “They’re real and they’re spectacular.”

5-Ngan Khanh 

Not only is she a famous singer and an actress from Vietnam, she also has the best pair of breasts a beautiful Vietnamese girl can have.  Now that is something to sing about!

6- Marisa Anita

Marisa Anita is a Thai/Dutch model who can be seen featured in magazines such as FHM. She is known as one of the sexiest models in Thailand.

7-Viv Li

Canada has some of the most beautiful Asians, and Viv Li is no exception at all. Amazing cleavage

8-Elly Tran Ha

Is it even possible to have boobs that big without having them burst? This girl is unreal. Only problem is that she looks 14 and I feel a little pedophilish (she's over 18 though, so don't worry).

9-Ryu Ji Hye

A Korean model! Very busty. Very nice. She's not as stick-thin as most models, and the benefit is her amazing curves

10- Wang Ruo Yi

She's gotta be my ideal woman. This little beauty is just... wow!
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