Traveling In A Crowded Train In India

-Where is your car? 
-I don't have one. 
-What??!! How you supposed to take me to prom? 
-Walking or taking a bus. 
-You gotta be kidding!!!

Well, while some stupid teens try and decide about whether to go or not to the prom walking or in a bus, in the other side of the world, in India, people just wanna fit in a crowded train.

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Weird Accidents

Pillow For Single

Many times there is this need to sleep in the lap of a woman. I don't know if that is a maternal thing or just because that woman whose lap you cried on had pretty soft legs. Anyway, the thing is that some japanese man must have passed the same situation and so decided to help his comrades (and make some coins in the process) by making the now world-wide famous lap pillow.

Includes short polyester skirt with two colors options (red and black).

Oh, and there is an arm pillow version for ladies too.

Includes heartbeat. How cool is that?

Well, as you can see it is a pillow with an arm. Awesome right?
Yeah, ate least better than inflatable doll I imagine, not that I have one or anything.

So this is for you till you find that special person as the movies have made ​​you believe. 

"Not forever alone anymore."