Western Men Love Filipino Women

Luxcel is a 19 year old single Filipino woman who is seeking for a serious relationship. She is badly looking for someone who will always care and love her. She is waiting for the man of her life who is honest and can make her happy all the time. Honestly, she is really craving for love right now beacuse she had a hard time falling in love.

Luxcel is a simple Filipino woman with sexy and hot body and complemented with her big boobs and fair complexion. Try to look at her stripe bikini below for sure it will make you hot at your desk right now.

What are you waiting for, maybe you are just the perfect fit for this hot and lonely Filipina.


Maui Taylor Look a Like- Hot Filipino Woman

Emz is a 21 year old sexy,hot and beautiful Filipino woman that has a face that is nearly similar to Maui Taylor who is a sexy and petite celebrity here in the Philippines. Sorry guys, Emz is in a relationship right now but who knows may be next time she is completely available. All we can only do right now is simply to watch her white,sexy,hot and gorgeous body wrapped by her favorite pink bikini.

It seems that Emz is a very loving Filipina because her favorite movies are Titanic and Pretty Woman , and loves to hear love songs. She ables to maintain her young,white and sexy body through dancing.

To all of the guys out there here is a tip: "She is a fun loving hot and sexy lady"

Asian Girl Baibai Li Yixuan

Name: Li Yixuan 李依旋
Nickname: Baibai 白白
Date of birth: July 12, 1983
Place of birth: Taiwan
Height: 168cm
Weight: 46kg
Measurements: 32E / 23 / 34
Horoscope: Cancer
Education: NTCN
Profession: Model, artist

Very Beautiful Filipina - A glimpse of her pretty face

Joeline is a 25 year old single and extremely beautiful Filipino woman. She loves to watch love stories and comedy type of movies. She wants people that are honest, friendly, and loving.

Before you browse this picture, I would like to let you know that she is not a celebrity nor a model here in the Philippines but damn!!!!!! her face is perfectly and extremely gorgeous that most of the time you will think that she belongs to the elite class of beautiful Filipino women celebrities.

Myanmar Model Maw Phu Maung

Maw Phu Maung Profile:
Name: Maw Phu Maung
Real Name : Pwint K Khine
Nick Name : Poe Poe
Birthday : 03 May 1990
Birthplace Myanmar
Relationship Status: Single
Activity: Model
Photos From Maw Phu Maung's Facebook.

Sexy and Beautiful Filipina Teacher

Debbie: Would you believe that Debbie is a Kindergarten Teacher? Yes she is!!!( and that is why I love Filipino woman). But, unlike those teachers that prefer to face their lesson plan everyday,Debbie is a "Fashionista" type of teacher. One of her hobbies is collecting shoes and sandals. She dream to become a model someday but for now she is very contented of what she has right now and very happy of being a teacher.

One good news is she haven't yet meet his prince charming. A prince charming that will treat her like a princess ,marry her and never ever leave her for the rest of her life.

If I have a kid right now for sure I will enroll my child to her school and always attend meetings just to see her sexy and beautiful face and body. 10 kudos for sexy and hot Debbie!!!!!. I hope she will be able to maintain it ten years from now. By the way, she is just 22 years old.


Dinh Ngoc Diep Sexy In Bikini

Dinh Ngoc Diep picture

Dinh Ngoc Diep is a Vietnamese model and actress, she started taking photos, filming and advertising in magazines when she was a 16 years old.
Dinh Ngoc Diep was born October 11, 1984. Height: 1.65 m. Weight: 47kg. Measurements: 82 – 59-89 cm.

Hottest Model Alicia Ann Whitten

Alicia Ann Whitten Bio

Name: Alicia Ann Whitten
Birth Date:
Location: California
Ethnicity: Vietnamese/Mixed
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5′6
Weight: 105 lbs.
Hey everyone, my name is Alicia Ann Whitten, I’m a Model from California.
I’m Vietnamese, German, French, Irish, Dutch, Spanish, American Indian, Italian…yeah it goes on and on. lol And yes I am naturally skinny…I don’t ever work out and I eat like a pig! Nothing works for me…believe me…I’ve tried everything to gain weight…
Oh and I know I look all girly but no no no…I’m definitely a Tom Boy and most of my friends are guys.
I can’t stand most girls…most start too much drama! I hate drama…I have way too many things of my own to worry about!

Anyways as many of you know I am an Import Model and I just want to say that I really enjoy what I do. Not only do I get to travel and meet amazing new people but I get to model with bad ass cars! I freakin LOVE cars!
I started off doing car show modeling when I was 19 years old.  I went up a notch and started “gogo” dancing in one of the biggest pu/club in California. Just before I turned 21, I was offered a job as a glamour model in “Vancency” I have been doing it ever since and love it. It keeps me out of trouble and gets me out of the house so I’m happy.
I seriously just want to take a mechanic class or something so I know more. So far I can change brake pads, rotors, oil and a couple of other small things.
Also in 2008 I became one of NOS Energy Drinks spokes model! If you guys haven’t tried NOS yet you really got to! It really is the best energy drink out there…talk about human horse power! 
Haha If you guys ever do see me at a show please don’t be afraid to approach me. I am a really down to earth girl…if your cool to me I will definitely be cool to you!

Mandy Leon Import model

Mandy Leon
  • Nationality: Puerto Rican/Cuban/Italian/French
  • Hometown: Lancaster, PA
  • Height: 5' 5½"
  • Weight: 120lbs.
  • Measurements: 36-24-35
  • Sign: Pisces
  • Favorite Car: Audi R8
  • Hobbies: Modeling, photography, going out with my girls, shopping, Filming, meeting new people, being adventurous.
  • Turn Ons: Honesty, eyes, muscles, having their priorities straight, sense of humor, outgoing and RESPECTFUL!
  • Turn Offs: Drama, liars, cheaters, being cocky, drugs, calling me "ma" or "mami" clearly I am not your mother lol
  • Facebook: Mandy's Fan Page
  • Facebook: Mandy's Booking Page
  • Twitter: @MLeon3

Hottest Model Vanessa Phil

Give us a brief background about yourself. I was born in the Philippines and my family decided to move to the states. I've been raised in Dallas pretty much almost my whole life, so my heart definitely belongs to Texas. Not only I model, but I'm also a waitress at a lovely Thai restaurant and I'm a college student. Currently trying to finish up my basics so I can go ahead and transfer to a university. When I'm not doing all of that and I have a free day all to myself, I like to stay at home and be lazy. It's rare I go out clubbing or partying, but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy it!

Top 10 Asian Girls 2011 with Amazing Natural Busts

Asian girls aren't known for having large busts, but these girls are proving the stereotypes wrong. However, it's more than just size that counts. I also graded them based on how well their bust looked on their body, meaning it has to fit! Also only natural busts counted, so only girls who have claimed that they are natural, or have been proven to be natural, or through popular opinion and analysis are deemed natural can count.

Aki Hoshino


Vietnamese girls natural beautiful

I know there were many occasions that I desired to get with cute Vietnamese girls however it is hard to go around and drive searching for pretty Vietnamese girls. Later I thought why not simply go and attempt to meet cute Vietnamese girls online.
So I did and you know what? I came across a nice cute Vietnamese lady that I began to chat with. Now you might be wondering how is it possible to Vietnamese girls on the web? Well is fairly simple, the very best places to check out are the online dating sites where you’ll find thousands of cute Vietnamese girls just waiting to meet Western guys like you.
The awesome thing regarding these websites is that they let you search by weight and organize your search quite specifically. That is how I was able to connect with Vietnamese girls online and this is the method many fellows use to meet Vietnamese ladies every single day. They key is to know precisely what qualities to search for and you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Cutie Korean Girls 2011 Photo gallery

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Hottest Chinese Bikini Model -Jin Mei Xin

 2 sexy sets of Jin Mei Xin in a bikini, gosh I especially like the set of her in a pink bikini, just stunning ^^
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Top 10 Miss International Viet nam Ao dai show

Trinh Ngoc, Nhu Thao, Ngoc Hang Tra ... Vietnamese origin along the beautiful collection presentation dress by designer Cory in the finale of the Miss Vietnam International, at 13 / 8 in California, USA

Miss  Ngọc Trinh.

Ngọc Trinh Sexy in Bikini

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Piñatas are a fun and festive addition to any fiesta, but most of this its really a remarkable well crafted paper art where we see almost the real sweet famous characters, things and other stuff in form of custom made pinatas. In this post i share the most incredible custom piñatas creative collection of well crafted and articulate papier-mâché which goes above and beyond the usual, boring designs. The exuberant collection of most incredible custom Pinatas are almost so beautiful, amazing and cool that we wouldn't consider smacking them with a stick if they weren't also filled with delicious candy. So get ready to see the exclusive images and pictures of these most incredible cusrom pinatas and choose the best custom made pinatas for your home and room.

11 Funniest Facebook Status Updates

Some of the funniest Facebook status updates we've seen over the years.

 And that's how you catch a dumbass! Must have been one of the most liked facebook status ever. (Photo)

Hot Cute and Young Vietnamese Girls 2011

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Beautiful Vietnamese Girls Part 6

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Beautiful Vietnamese Girls Part 5

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