Joeline is a 25 year old single and extremely beautiful Filipino woman. She loves to watch love stories and comedy type of movies. She wants people that are honest, friendly, and loving.

Before you browse this picture, I would like to let you know that she is not a celebrity nor a model here in the Philippines but damn!!!!!! her face is perfectly and extremely gorgeous that most of the time you will think that she belongs to the elite class of beautiful Filipino women celebrities.

Even if this beautiful lady will take off her clothes, I will still rather like to see her very beautiful face than her body. For me, her beauty is one of a kind that you will rarely see here in the Philippines. So, I think you are very lucky right now to glimpse this unique beauty of a Filipino woman.




Wow!!!She is so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!



If she is my wife there is no way that I will cheat on her. How about you? Would you?