Give us a brief background about yourself. I was born in the Philippines and my family decided to move to the states. I've been raised in Dallas pretty much almost my whole life, so my heart definitely belongs to Texas. Not only I model, but I'm also a waitress at a lovely Thai restaurant and I'm a college student. Currently trying to finish up my basics so I can go ahead and transfer to a university. When I'm not doing all of that and I have a free day all to myself, I like to stay at home and be lazy. It's rare I go out clubbing or partying, but it doesn't mean I don't enjoy it!

How did you get started in modeling? I started with a local agency when I was seventeen. I started doing little photoshoots and attending open calls here and there. When I decided to venture out, I came into the car scene by the time I was eighteen years old, thanks to Cupcake Meet ( and through them, I've met a lot great new people that helped me through.

What has been your biggest accomplishment as a model? I don't have any specifics because everything that has been done for is a blessing. So my biggest accomplishment is continuing to move forward and not stepping backwards.

In your opinion, what sets you apart from other models? Hmm, you tell me! ;] I'm not so sure what sets me apart from other models, but the obvious answer is every girl is different and we all have something different to give.

Are you looking to expand into other fields besides modeling? Of course! That's why I'm in school. I'm looking to cover the media and business. I want to look into behind-the-scenes one day and help others how I've been helped.

What is your opinion on models posing for Playboy? No bad feelings at all. If that's the dream they've always wanted, props to them for pursuing it.

What physical feature do you get the most compliments on? My eyes and the shape of my lips. Mwuahs! (Bashes eyelashes) Is it working? ;D

Are you currently single or taken? I'm currently taken. I'd give him a shout-out, but I'm scared you guys are going to find him and beat him to the pulp! I'm sorry ;/

What is a trait a guy must have if he was to date you? Just one trait? I have plenty from loyalty to trust, but I suppose patience would have to be the trait they must have. I'm very stubborn and I don't give in easily, but if you give me time I'll start changing my mind for the better.

If you could give a dating tip to a guy, what would it be? Don't give her your world 100% at first. Like guys, we, girls, like the thrill of the chase as well. So maybe just give her little islands. If everything is going good and there's a future set for you guys, then give her your continents ;P

Give us an example of what a typical weekend would be like for you? When I'm not doing photoshoots or events, I'm either at home sitting with my cat, or out and about with my girls. Yep, possibly causing trouble!

What are you passions/hobbies? My passion is working hard and hustling, in other words: ambition. That's pretty much I do now, and I buried myself with education and money to set myself for the future. I don't really have a hobby, because I like to try different things and I don't like going with the same routine.

What is something people would be surprised to know about you? I'm very laid-back and I enjoy the little things in life. Not expensive brands or one-of-a-kind watches. Good people (and maybe with good inside jokes) is pretty much what keeps me 100% happy.

Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Doing much bigger things depending on my choice on profession. Besides from modeling, I also see myself helping other fellow models pursuing their dreams. Just slaving myself away to make ends meet. Maybe being happily married with two kids living in a nice home. Hey, isn't that almost every girl's dream? :D

What would you like to say to your supporters and future fans? I feel like everytime I say 'thank you' it is never enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you... still isn't enough. You guys have been with me from the beginning and it's amazing how you guys are still here. Your support is what inspires me to be better than what I am now, I continue to grow because you want to see me make it big! Without you, I wouldn't be where I am at now. Also, thank you for liking my facebook page, we're now up to 1,090, baby! Woo!

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