Freckles is all about small dark spots on the skin, light-and dark-yellow color (ash), mainly on the face, hands, and sometimes even on the trunk. Are due to the deposition in the skin of a special dye. They usually appear in children 5-6 years of age, and after 30 years, their number decreases in winter fade with the onset of summer dark. Freckles occur primarily in red-haired and fair-haired. Inherited. The color of freckles (melanin color in them) can vary from light tan to dark brown, depending on the impact of the sun and heat. Sunlight can not only make freckles darker, but also provoke the generation of an new melanin, resulting in the formation of new spots. Many women and girls in the spring when the first sun rays heating faced with the appearance of freckles. Some rejoice in freckles girls, but there are many girls who are very upset to their appearance. However, do not take on, of freckles is quite easy to get rid of freckles to the few people spoil. A small number of freckles (even the name is cute) give a person a certain charm, flavor, appealing originality.