West Point Cadet Sues Music Icon Patty LaBelle

23 year old West Point cadet, Richard King, claims he was attacked by Patty LaBelle’s bodyguards for standing to close to the diva’s luggage at Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport. In King’s lawsuit he claims LaBelle ordered the brutal beating from her limo. He further claims she just sat there watching and never tried to stop her bodyguards. It goes on to say she did not even get out of the vehicle, until officers with the Houston Police Department arrived.
The officers’, who are on surveillance footage posing for photos with LaBelle, incident report does not match King’s account of what happened. There was an assault, but Zuri Edwards, Patty’s son/driver, claims it was a drunken King who was the aggressor after being told to “skedaddle”.

King’s lawyer denies his client even knew who LaBelle was or that she was famous, but doesn’t deny King had been drinking on the plane.