Audi A6 Seen On
We told you last week that Audi’s next generation A6 Avant would debut today, and now the first official photos have just found their way onto the internet. The presentation of the station wagon version of new A6 Avant is taking place in Berlin, Germany, as we speak, so it should not be long before we get full information and pictures of the car.

The latest iteration of Audi’s premium station wagon follows in the footsteps of its predecessors featuring a sleek shape and increased practicality over the sedan model. The engine line-up at launch will mirror that of the A6 saloon, pointing to a range of four-and six-cylinder gasoline and diesel powerplants at launch, and the widespread availability of the firm’s Quattro all-wheel drive system. We’ll update this story as soon as Audi comes out with an official release.

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