In the business of looking good, this list of 10 best famous fake boobs isn't an all-inclusive one. Breast augmentation rumors run amuck in Hollywood and more than often you'll be surprised about the authenticity of "natural" looking stars. However, the following famous women have made their bust-enhancing surgeries no secret.

 1 - Pamela Anderson

Any list of celebrity fake boobs needs to be headed with the titanic chest of "Baywatch" bombshell Pamela Anderson. In the early '90s, this blonde superstar sparked the mega-breast augmentation craze as well as the libido of boys everywhere. Her breasts have ranged in size throughout a couple of decades but now stay afloat at a bouncy DD

2- Salma Hayek.

 The Mexican-born actress starred in movies such as "Desperado" and "Frida" and drives dudes wild her snake-accompanied dance scene in film "From Dusk Till Dawn." This brunette beauty also went from C to DD cups with a little help from more than just rumored pregnancy-induced weight gain. 

3 - Carmen Electra.

 Former "Baywatch" starlet and "Playboy" centerfold Carmen Electra went from B to DD upon receiving the surgery as gift from her then-boyfriend, B-Real of Cypress Hill.

 4 - Heidi Montag.

 This former "Hills" star is the poster child of her generation when it comes to numerous over-the-top plastic surgeries. Originally striving for an “H” for “Heidi”, Montag’s current size is a triple D to F and she is still hoping to increase their size.

 5 - Dolly Parton .

 This 64-year old country singing legend somehow struts her stuff with DDs on a 5’1 frame. Aside from being the subject of her self-depreciating jokes, her boobs are reputed to have been a major source of back pain for the past three decades.

 6 - Victoria Beckham.

 As a former Spice girl and doting wife to soccer star David Beckham, Victoria keeps herself looking sexy by changing her breast size along with her hairstyles. Her boobs have ranged in size from a natural A to a super-swollen DD. She is currently down in a B.

 7 - Nicole Richie.

 As a socialite, TV personality and sidekick to Paris Hilton, Richie was rescued from her emaciated body and concave chest by getting pregnant. After filling out considerably, the tiny star opted for breast augmentation in 2006. On that size-zero body, her Bs make her look curvaceous.

8 -  Beyonce.

 This diva transformed her pear-shaped figure to an hourglass one by putting her chest under the knife. Her C measurements only further enhance the serpentine curvature that helped catapult her into fame .

 9 - Lindsay Lohan. 

 Lindsay Lohan has grown up before our eyes — she was so cute when she was younger, leaving many of us asking ourselves — what happened? She blossomed nicely, but that just wasn’t enough for her. She supposedly got implants when she was only 17, but she didn’t hesitate denying it at every chance she got. Experts say, yes, she did, but her rep says no. All we know is that she showed up one day with a distinctly different bra size. It’s also been rumored that she got the implants reduced a bit — we’re guessing to match her new cracked-out skinny look..

10 - Christina Aguilera .

 This blonde pop star sprouted from an A cup to an abundant C cup over the course of a few years and it was more than pregnancy weight gain that helped her out in this department. Her breasts were at one point an E cup while she was breastfeeding

11 - Britney Spears.

Another celeb that grew up and went crazy right in front of our eyes, ex-Mouseketeer Britney Spears’ breasts have gone on just as big a roller coaster ride as the rest of her. After the success of her debut album in 2000, Spears got a breast augmentation, but later on had them reduced to smaller-size implants. It was a good move, really, because when she started making babies, her boobs got pretty big all on their own, and they’ve stayed a reasonable size since

12 - Tila Tequila.

Tila Tequila got her new boobies around the time she turned 18. It wasn’t subtle at all — if you’ve ever seen her topless pictures, you’d see why. They don’t just stand like that on their own. Aside from that, at least she didn’t go too big for her frame, upping her size from an A cup to a B cup. Let’s hope she keeps it that way!

13 - Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse used to be normal looking — relatively filled out and healthy. At some point she let her life go down the toilet, and it took her looks with it. She’s since gotten better, and this past October she ordered up some new boobs to go with it. Her rack apparently cost a whopping $56,000 and Mitch Winehouse, her father, doesn’t know how she paid for it — since she always asks him for money. Maybe she’s secretly still mega-rich, and hoarding her money for more work… Or drugs.

14 - Janet Jackson

Singer Janet Jackson has shown her fair share of boob — from her famous Rolling Stone cover to her infamous nip slip during the Super Bowl. Whether or not you liked what she did, one thing is for sure: Her knockers aren’t real. She hasn’t confirmed breast augmentation, but you don’t just grow large breasts out of nowhere — and it’s not like plastic surgery is exactly an oddity for her, either. Oh, and check out the great dent in her boob. Maybe she shares Christina Aguilera’s doctor.

15 - Jewel

Don’t get us wrong, singer Jewel is gorgeous, but something has gone seriously wrong with her boobs, and we kinda feel bad. She had a nice rack before she opted for augmentation, and fans definitely noticed the change when she released her Intuition album. She’s since gotten her implants removed or reduced, but it seems like she didn’t have the intuition to get the botched surgery fixed, and it just doesn’t look so hot.

16 - Kellie Pickler

Kelli Pickler, of American Idol fame, went under the knife pretty quickly once under the heat of the spotlight. She showed off her new ladies at a return performance on the show in 2007, but has denied having the procedure. She’s not a very good liar, because growth like that doesn’t just happen that quickly. She even told radio and TV host Ryan Seacrest that she wants to keep the mystery going about her boobs — because she likes the attention. Kelli Pickler likes the attention. There’s a truism if ever there was one.

17 - Sarah Jessica Parker

Horseface actress Sarah Jessica Parker should have gone under the knife for reasons other than her breasts, honestly. Anyone who thinks that her Oscars dress pushed up her natural boobs that flawlessly needs to get their eyes checked. The only thing she had before was saggy skin to push up. Her procedure gave her a pair of boobs that look more like cement-filled balloons than anything we’d want to touch.

18 - Tara Reid

American Pie actress Tara Reid got her implants because of her uneven breasts — the right one was noticeably bigger than the left. Sounded simple enough, but soon afterward, she began appearing on lists of “ugliest boob jobs ever.” Not only that, but her implants actually put her life in danger. Reid opted with special soy bean oil implants that have been taken off the market in English-speaking countries and Canada since 1999 due to complications resulting in death. When she started showing symptoms of complications she had to have them removed — and had she known how things would turn out, she would have never had the surgeries, she has said.

19 - Tori Spelling

Actress Tori Spelling got her first set of implants around the time of season two of Beverly Hills 90210. She’s been through several other augmentations, probably due to the changes her body went through after having children. Or just because she looked like a hag back then and was tired of having no personality and getting shunned on the strip. We’re left to wonder though, after going through such procedures, why wouldn’t she just fix her concave sternum already? It’s a simple procedure, and it would keep her chest from looking like someone took a chunk out of it with an ice cream scoop.

20 - Mai Phuong Thuy

Miss Vietnam 2006 Mai Phuong Thuy competed in Miss World 2006 pageant in Poland. Mai Phuong Thuy was the only East Asian contestant to join the top 17 in the final. She made the top 17 due to the highest online vote in her Asia-Pacific zone. Miss Czech Republic won the crown.